Fish some Bass with your buddy.
Fish for some nice Bass on your boat while you buddy stares at the back of you head navigating the engine.

Directions: Using your arrow keys to go left and right, click down to release your line and hook some Bass for supper tonight.

Screen Shots:
Bass Fishing Pro Fishing Game Screen Shot Bass Fishing Pro Fishing Game pic 2 Bass Fishing Pro Fishing Game Image 3 Bass Fishing Pro Fishing Game game capture

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Bass Fishing Pro Over View

You start off in bask fishing pro with a time clock of 1 minute and 30 seconds to catch all the bass you can muster up. Your objective is to catch as many bass while fishing as possible. You will mainly be fishing for spotted bass from your small single engine boat. Bass fishing is one of the best you can do, very addicting and fun but when it's out of season you can always jump on here and play the free fishing games because the real thing is not possible.

This game takes place on a scenic little lake or pond and you are in a small 12' boat with a single small engine . You can see the fish swimming below the boat which are your main objective, you want to catch as many bass as possible before they get away.

Screen Shots

Bass fishing on a lake
Here you can see the fishermen out on the boat and a couple of bass fish swimming in the water below just waiting to get hooked.

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