And here is the best fishing game we have ever posted on fishinggamezon to date. Amateur Action Super fishing game takes these kinds of flash fun fishing games to a whole new level.
This game has it all, bait stores, maps where you can select new fishing spots and all sorts of fun fishing for you to experience along the way.

Directions: Most of the game movements are done with the mouse, please read the in game tutorials for further instruction because this fishing game gets pretty deep as you play.

Screen Shots:
Amateur Action Super Fishing Screen Shot Amateur Action Super Fishing pic 2 Amateur Action Super Fishing Image 3 Amateur Action Super Fishing game capture

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Amateur Action Super Fishing Game Over View

Fishing games on the web do not get much better than this one. This flash game has it all, from buying bait & lures to choosing where on the map you want to go get some fishing done to actually having nice graphics and game play all across the board this game is loaded with good fun. For the casual fishing fan you cannot always make it out into the wild to get your fishing needs out of the way, you may be stuck at work or just in a situation where you cannot go fishing so this is the perfect game for you !

This fishing game is packed with great graphics and awesome game play. Catch all kinds of fish and even switch to different destinations if you feel they aren't biting enough for your liking. Check out some of the screen shots below to see how great this fishing action really is.

Action Super Fishing Screen Shots

Awesome fishign game graphics

As you can see from ther screen shot this game has taken a great deal of time to put together and has some excellent game play

Action Fishing Map Selection

You can pick your destination and choose from many cool fishing spots in this one.

Buy Lures at the fishing store
Welcome to the neighborhood, go and buy some lures at the fishing lure and bait store while you are at it.

Fishign Game screen shot
Here is your tackle box, as you can see I do not have a huge selection of lures quite yet.

This is one of the best overall fishing games we have ever played here at fishing games zone. we think this is exactly the kind of fun people are looking to enjoy when they come to our site, we hope you enjoy this great fishing game as much as we did when reviewing it for you.

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