Mister Fisherman has to catch 4 fish in under a minute
Try ot catch 4 fish in 40 seconds while you buddy navigates the boat behond you.

Directions: To catch fish, use the arrow keys to move left right and to drop your line. Can you handle that? Great, try to catch some fish in under a minute!

Screen Shots:
Fishing Cast the Line  Screen Shot Fishing Cast the Line  pic 2 Fishing Cast the Line  Image 3 Fishing Cast the Line  game capture

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Fishing Cast the Line Over View

The goal of this game is to catch all of the fish in the time allotted. Try and place the hook on the mouth of the fish to catch it. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the boat. Hold the down arrow to drop the line. Unless you have the advanced up down fishing rod. As soon as you release the down arrow you will reel the hook in. If you catch all the fish in the time alloteed, you will get a chance to spend some money on new fishing equipment.

Screen Shots

Fishing Cast the Line image
This looks very similar to some of the other free fishing games we have here, hope you enjoy playing it and getting some quality fishing time in.

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