Help Frank the fish grow big and strong in this fishing game by eating all he can fit in his mouth.
Avoid the larger fish who will eat him just as fast in another of the fishing games on this site.

Directions: Use the arrow keys to play.

Screen Shots:
Franky the Fish Screen Shot Franky the Fish pic 2 Franky the Fish Image 3 Franky the Fish game capture

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Franky the Fish Over View

Awesome fishing game titled franky the fish is created by flash games 247 who are a premier free game creator for all sorts of flash games. your objective in this game is just simply to stay alive as long as possible. Franky happens to be a smaller orange fish who is not good at defending himself from larger fish so your job is to keep him alive as long as possible. You do this by moving the fish around the screen avoiding other incoming larger fish in any way possible.

Franky the fish has some nice graphics and the movement is pretty smooth, the game is over pretty quickly usually but it is a very simple free game and it is easy to pick up and learn right away.

How to Play

Franky the fish instructions
In order to get big and strong you must eat all the smaller fish. You are a fish who is fishing for other smaller fish in a cruel world of eat or be eaten. The controls are very simple, just use the arrow keys to move franky the fish around the screen.

Game Images

The game play of franky the fish
Here you can see the graphics and art work in franky the fish is done quite well, the details on the fish and the water is very nice.

Franky the fish fishing score

When you finish the game you get to see your score, you should try to see what the highest fishing score you can get is.

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