The first Franky was the most popular fishing games here, so we posted another.
Franky is in a new environment and he needs help to eat the smaller fishes to grow while avoiding the bigger ones who want to eat him.

Directions: Spacebar to move up and release spacebar to go down.

Screen Shots:
Franky Sequel Screen Shot Franky Sequel pic 2 Franky Sequel Image 3 Franky Sequel game capture

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Franky Sequel Over View

Frank the fish part 2 is the sequel to one of the more popular games we have ever posted on the site which is the original franky the fish. Once again you are in a fish eat fish world and this is not the traditional free fishing game people may have come here to play. However this game is a great deal of fun and you may enjoy being in the world of the fish and trying to help franky grow up to be a huge fish.

Franky is a fish, who himself enjoys fishing for other smaller fishes and animals. He grows as he eats smaller fish and grows into a strong larger fish.

Maybe someday they will make another sequel to the game where we can go fishing for franky and see if we can catch him in a more traditional sense.

How to Play

Franky is on a new underwater feeding trip! Eat all the fish that are smaller than you and avoid the bigger fish because they will eat you up. Press space bar to go up and release space bar to go down.

Game Images

Franky on another fish adventure
As you can see from the screenshot the graphics for this game are quite nice. You can really see for a fishing game a great deal of time and effort was put into making this free game look nice.

Frank meets a larger fish
Franky comes head to head with a larger fish!

You only get 3 lives in this fishing game, so you need to make the most of them and help franky get as far as possible on his adventure.

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