Nothign says fishing like getting flippy with the dolphins. This is a bit ruder fishing games posted on the site but still fun.
Not a very nice game but still very fun! In Get Flippy, you try to shoot jumping dolphins with a high powered rifle. The dolphins jump at different distances and have targets painted on them.

Directions: Aim and shoot with your mouse.

Screen Shots:
Get Flippy Screen Shot Get Flippy pic 2 Get Flippy Image 3 Get Flippy game capture

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Get Flippy Over View

Get flippy is a nice and crazy fishing game about a dolphin named flippy. The free game is not played traditionally with a fishing pole , in this game you have to use a gun and shoot the dolphins as they fly by on a target. You gain points for the more fish you can shoot as they pass.

PETA probably would not endorse this game but there are flying fish with targets on them which can constitute as fishing in some places.

This fishing game is simply played by using the mouse and targetting the fish as they fly by. You need to get a dead center shot ont he target which is placed on the different fish as they do a fly by.

Game Images

Get flippy the weird fishing game with dolphins

This game is a bit twisted because first off dolphins can't fly, and second you have way too many shots in the clip!

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