The Happy fish game, cast in and catch as many fish as you can in the time alloted.
This game will make anyone happy! And isnt that what we are all here playing fishing games for anyways.

Directions: Watch you time limit and bait collection and try to catch the proper amount of fish

Screen Shots:
Happy Fishing Game Screen Shot Happy Fishing Game pic 2 Happy Fishing Game Image 3 Happy Fishing Game game capture

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Happy Fishing Over View

A happy go lucky fishing adventure here , you are working against a time limite and using different types of fishing bait to catch a few various kinds of fish. You need to catch a certain amount of 3 kinds of fish in the time alloted to win. Different fish go after different types of bait and it's up to you to switch your bait to get the best fishing possible.

As you advance further into the fishing day your fish will swim further and further. The challenges will increase as the fish are further from the shore so you need to work hard to get the big catch. Reel in all the various fishes for the best points and prizes. There will be various bonus items as you progress through the levels and you will be able to gain some fishing bait if you can reel them in.

Each level will have a minimum target of fish you need to reel in and catch to advance to the next level.

How to Play

Move fgrom left to right using your mouse to change the players direction forbest fishing angles. To cast the fishing pole click and hold the mouse button to get the power and then release the button to cast the bait out into the water in front of the fish you desire to catch. Power levels between 1 and 33 will hit zone 1, 33 and 66 will hit zone 2, and 66 and 100 will hit zone 3 , so you need to know which zone the fish you want to catch are in. You can pause your fishing adventure anytime by pressing the P button and you can also get some extra time and bait by catching some bonus items in the water.

Screen Shots

Catching some fish in the happy fishing
Here you can see a nice little fish being caught in happy fishing.

Happy fishing allows you to catch bonuses as well
You can also catch bonus time and fish bait as you go from level to level.

This fishing game overall is a pretty good and easy one to play. We think that this particular fishing adventure is targetted towards children but the game play is not bad for what it is.

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