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A fun animated fishing game where you are a baby sumo wrestler trying to catch as much seafood as possible while avoiding being struck by lightning

Directions: Use your mouse to interact.

Screen Shots:
Japanese Fishing Screen Shot Japanese Fishing pic 2 Japanese Fishing Image 3 Japanese Fishing game capture

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Japanese Fishing Over View

You are a small Japanese man out on the ocean fishing for todays catch. Many obstacles stand in your way, weather elements will slow you down, garbage floating in the ocean will slow you down, but you Japanese are tough and you never give up.

A simple to play free fishing game this game is very fun to play. You simply cast away into the water and try to come away with some fish rather than any garbage that is floating by. You also need to be careful of lightning strikes and other weather elements that are in your way while you play.

The goal of the game is to try to catch as many fish as possible in the time alloted. You will be scored on the success of your fishing in this game.

Game Images

Watch out when fishing for garbage
You need to watch out for things like boots, and cans and other garbage so it does not interfere with the prized fish you want to catch.

Japanese Fishing Game
Look out there is a dark cloud coming it might be a damper on your fishing adventure today.

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