Untypical of fishing games. Be a shark and eat people, so reverse fishing.
You are a mad shark that eats divers or they will stab you and you'll bleed to death. Fun for the entire family!

Directions: Use you mouse to navigate around the ocean and your space bar to chomp people. What are you waiting for, go eat divers!

Screen Shots:
Mad Shark Screen Shot Mad Shark pic 2 Mad Shark Image 3 Mad Shark game capture

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Mad Shark Over View

The objective is you are the mad shark, trying to escape form the vil experiments. See how far you can get before you are terminated.

In mad shark there are several obstacles , the faster you swim the faster you get tired. If you use up all the strength you will be forced to rest until you get back some of your fish energy and your health will suffer. Eat everything you can to keep up your energy as you swim through the ocean and regenerate your health.

Shark fishing is all too popular of a type of fishing especiall in warmer climates where people can easily go on the ocean to go fishing.

How to Play

The controls for this shark adventure are all done using the mouse, and the space bar will take bits. Your shark is quite bitey and you need to bite people and things to stay alive and make sure you are not terminated. Nobody ever wants to be bitten by a shark, especially a mad shark!

Screen Shots

Mad shark is a nice underwater fishing shark tale
here you are as a shark swimming with the fishes in a fishing adventure.

Mad shark encounters an enemie fisherman
You have to watch out for the scuba diver fishermen they will try to hurt you as you swim throught the dangerous ocean.

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