The fishing mastery game of quest for your spawn will sharpen your fishing skills.
Navigate your way up river so you can spawn and help keep the fish population alive. Once you get to the spawning grounds, the fish will invite you to join. Avoid running into the hooks and worms, because then you’ll be a tasty meal.

Directions: Use your mouse to navigate your way up river so you can spawn

Screen Shots:
Quest to Spawn Screen Shot Quest to Spawn pic 2 Quest to Spawn Image 3 Quest to Spawn game capture

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Quest to spawn Over View

Its spawning season and you are heading to your favorite spot to pick up some fine lookin' slabs when you hit the spot... The hooks! You know that if you don't avoid them at all costs you can end up as fish food!

Another fishing game from the perspective of the actual fish instead of the fisherman. But that's ok, fishing can work both ways in this game you will just need to make the fish survive and get away from the fishing hooks and traps that are set to catch the fish during spawning season.

How to Play

In this free fishing game you simply use the mouse to control the movement of the fish. You have to move up and down and left and right to avoid the fishermans hooks and not get caught. Try not to be distracted by other funny things happening while you are avoiding the fishermen.

Game Images

Quest to spawn look out for the fishermen
here you can see the fishermen are serious with lots of hooks falling down into the water, do not become fish food!

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