Go take a weekend fun fishing trip and catch some fish.
Catch the fish you need in the time alloted in this cool game. One of the challenging fishing games provided on the site.

Directions: D for dive F for Fish

Screen Shots:
Weekend Fishing Trip Screen Shot Weekend Fishing Trip pic 2 Weekend Fishing Trip Image 3 Weekend Fishing Trip game capture

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Weekend Fishing Trip Description

The weekend fishing trip is a prototypical fishing game which puts you the fisherman in a boat dropping lines down into a water pool full of all kinds of fish. This game has some nice graphics and there are all kinds of fish and extra cool little things to catch while you play. For people looking for some free fishing adventures on a rainy day or a cold day when you can't go out and fish yourself this is the one for you.

Why cant it always be the weekend, and why cant we all catch fish as easy as the yare caught in the weekend fishing trip.


The game is arcade fishing simulator, the objective of this game is to catch as many fish as you can and thus getting as many points say you can in the process.

There are 2 main ways to play, campaign mode and arcade mode, in campaign mode you pass each level by catching a specified number of fish in a row You also need to catch similar fish in a row or whatever is specified for you at the time. The first level you begin with one fish hook and very slow spinning rod. When you catch designated amount of the same fish , you will be able to upgrade your fishing rod and reel in the bait shop. All the fishes you catch will be automatically converted to cash after finishing each level.

In action fishing mode your goal is to catch as many fish as you can within a limited time interval. The remaining time increases every time you catch a new fish or similar fishes in a row. In this game mode you have all the possible ammunition you need from the beginning of the free fishing game, the time is ticking while you are fishing.

Game Images

Weekend fishing trip buttons
here you can set some of the fishing options for the in game play

The different types of fish you can catch
Here you can see all the different types of fishing you can catch in the free weekend fishing trip.

The fishing shop
At the fishing shop you can purchase different upgrades to help you catch more fish.

Weekend fishing trip view from the fisherman
You can see all of the different stuff going on when you are fishing in weekend fishing trip.

This game is packed full of excellent fishing and fun game modes to boot. You can be really entertained by this free fishing game and as you get better at it you can upgrade your gear and really catch some huge fish and earn massive points.

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